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Damascus - city of artisans

Damascus, known for centuries as a trading city on the Silk Road, was traditionally also a center for high-quality handicrafts. By 2009, there were about 60 craftworks in the old town, 80% of them had to give up as a result of the war. The materials needed to manufacture were scarce and expensive, the customers, often tourists, stayed out.

In addition, many of the artisans were victims of the war, fighters, refugees.

Nevertheless, the old traditions are still maintained today. Mostly in family businesses in the old town, they are passed on to the younger generation and constantly evolving. The young craftsmen experiment with new processing methods, materials, shapes and colors without giving up the characteristic oriental tradition of design.

It is true that machines facilitate work in some operations, but the craftsmanship always remains the determining factor; skill and creativity characterize their results. The craftsman or the artisan group decides on the sequence of work steps, design and final appearance of the workpiece.

The variety of design options in detail means that hardly a piece is the same as the other, although origin and character always remain recognizable - in fabrics, furniture, lamps, carpets, home accessories.

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